18th - 20th March, 2019 Dubai

Unique Finished Leather Goods

Leatherworld Middle East not only hosts exhibitors with footwear and fashion finished leather goods, but also the more unique products. Such as, cushions, furniture finished leather décor items and even leather carpets. 
Explore some of the exhibitors showcasing these rare and luxurious products at show. 
Products include:

Featured Exhibitors include: 

Teralls Leather Carpets

An idea that was created more than 20 years ago. Their product is exquisite, unique and luxurious in design reflecting a unique product for each different. They are using only genuine off-cut leathers and each design is put together piece by piece and carefully hand made to create a beautiful work of art that can last forever. They strive in making each individual carpet unique in color, design, detailing and leather type. 


Al Khaznah Tannery

Owned by Abu Dhabi Government and specializing in the customized production of the most technically advanced leathers in the world. Totally free from chromium and other metals, our exclusive high performance and sustainable leathers are particularly respectful of our environment and of the end-users; they biodegrade in only 4 months while exceeding the highest standards applicable for the most demanding markets. Some of Al Khaznah Tannery’s more unique products include furniture, wall décor pieces, cushions and unique finished goods made from camel leather.


Red Sparrow Printing

Red Sparrow Printing, print on leather and faux leather (vinyl) and their capabilities are as vast as your imagination. Choose from art, illustration and photos and you can create fashion, furniture, pet accessories, stationery, car upholstery and much more.